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We can restore extremely damaged hair, bleached hair, and frizzy hair.

Different solutions are applied to each customer based on their specific needs.

You will receive treatments in the best interior and stations.

We only use certified products that minimize irritation to the hair and scalp.

In "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE," we can restore all types of damaged hair

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Hair Model Service Included

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Terms & Conditions

  • Reservations are necessary due to limited availability of slots.
  • Only weekday slots are available for reservation. (Monday ~ Friday)
  • 30% for any other services during the visit if to do other services like cut and color

Wasn't the original hair good?

Doesn't the treatment usually gone after a few days?

The treatment process is carried out in a maximum of 7 steps. Depending on the damage, different care is provided for each part. The damaged cuticle is filled with protein inside and is applied not just on the hair surface. We work to make you healthy from the inside out!

You can feel the change in your hair every time you apply shampoo. *For better maintenance, manage it at home with Protein Care Shampoo & Treatment, it will last longer*

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Before vs. After Results

Hair treatments are carried out at the most innovative and largest lifestyle hair salon.

You are my sunshine Treatment's Unique Process

1 - Step

We check the damage & condition of the entire hair from the root of the hair to make a treatment solution suited for the customer's hair.

2 - Step

Filling in the damaged pores that can change the character of the hair from the inside. In this process, the PPT is blended differently according to the hairstyle.

3 - Step

Make the PPT solution hydrophobic so it can thoroughly enter inside the hair cuticles. It helps keep the hair moist and strong.

4 - Step

Arrange and cover the damaged cuticles to prevent leakage of treatment ingredients.

5 - Step

Apply additional heat so you can see the cuticle's trimming and straightening effect more effectively.

6 - Step

Apply the treatment ingredients to the outermost part of the cuticle to enhance the hydrophobicity of the hair to keep it smooth.

Each customer may have different treatment ingredient specifications depending on the degree of damage. Also, the degree of blending these ingredients together may vary based on the diagnosis of the certified designer.

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE treatment is safe and healthy!

100% Natural Ingredients


Hair Elasticity

Coconut oil



Hair Health


Hair Vitality

Aloe Vera 

Supply Moisture


Skin Beauty




Hair Flexibility

*No sulfate and parabens
*No harsh chemicals
*Passed US FAD Standards

Multiple awards won over the years.

What Our Customers Say

See how our previous customer experience our product and service

I had a perm before but I regretted it a lot because it was so curly. Hence, I didn't think about getting a perm again. But with Kolorist, their perm looks pretty and natural which lasts for a long time so I'm visiting regularly! It's a complete recommendation!

I was worried that my hair would be damaged but seems to have become better and I'm completely satisfied because I don't have to straighten it every morning. The preparation time was shortened a lot.

I think my hair got better because the designer carefully explained how to manage and care for my hair. And I tried a Korean-style perm for the first time and I like it moving forward. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

The service of the designer was so good. Thank you for the tips on making your perm last longer. It was very helpful because there was not much damage after the perm. I will visit again!!!

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