Trendy Korean Perms to Try for 2024

Korean perms are a huge hair trend this 2024 and it’s not difficult to see why. Perms give a natural, effortless “I woke up like this” look that lasts for a couple of months. This hairstyle gives you a fresh, tidy, and girlish look. Plus, not having to spend an extra 30 minutes daily is a pretty good reason why people choose to get perms.

What is a Korean Perm?

A Korean perm is a type of hair treatment that creates soft, loose waves in the hair. It’s a modern variation of the traditional perm, and it’s often used to add volume and texture to straight or limp hair. 

The process typically involves applying a chemical solution to the hair, wrapping it around rods or rollers, and then using heat to set the curls. The result is a natural-looking wave that doesn’t require much styling effort, making it a popular choice among busy individuals who want an effortless yet stylish looks.

Benefits of Korean Perm

There are several benefits to getting a Korean perm.

  • First, perm adds volume and texture that makes your hair look fuller and more voluminous.
  • Second, the loose waves that a Korean perm creates are easy to style and maintain, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t have much time to spend on their hair but still want a stylish look.
  • Additionally, Korean perms can also help reduce styling damage caused by frequent heat styling tools like curling irons or straighteners since they provide natural-looking waves without requiring additional heat.

How Long Does Korean Perm Last?

The duration of your Korean perm depends on your hair type, maintenance routine, and which type of Korean perm you choose. If properly maintained through regular conditioning and styling, a Korean perm can last up to 6-10 months. 

However, neglecting proper care can lead to frizziness and breakage, drastically reducing its lifespan. On average, they last between 3-6 months before growing out naturally. So, invest in good hair products and dedicate time to take care of your lovely locks is necessary if you want your korean perm to last longer!


Korean Perms For Women

There is no doubt Korean perms is famous among women in korea as well as all over the world. This hair trends came from the most influential actress and korean idol, so many fans all over the world follow their trends. Here are some of the most popular korean perms for women you can try!

Elizabeth Perm

Elizabeth Perm
Transform into a gorgeous goddess with this trendy perm from Korea. The Elizabeth Perm gained traction for being elegant yet natural, as it adds volume that accentuates your face.

Hippie Perm

Hippie Perm
Also known as Jelly Perm, Hippie Perm is a nod to the big hair trend in the 80s. Both men and women were into this look where hair is permed in small tight curls to achieve the huge voluminous hair. Everyone who is anyone was sporting this natural-looking do.

build perm

Build Perm
This hairstyle is a big and loose curl perm style. Korean digital perm -Build perm – hairstyle is recommended mainly for medium long hair, and it is easy to style and you can get a natural hairstyle without styling either.

bonnie perm

Bonnie Perm
Bonnie Perm is the type of Korean perm that combines C curls on the back and S curls on the side altogether on a short to medium haircut. Since IU has this hairstyle, Korean women suddenly had a Korean bob syndrome since this hairstyle makes anyone look fresh and younger.