Keratin Treatment: Everything To Know

By now, we all know that Keratin is important for maintaining healthy and strong hair. And with keratin treatment, where keratin is manually applied to the hair, it has amazing benefits that are too great to resist: smoother hair, lesser frizz, reduced blow-dry time, healthier-looking hair, improved manageability and shine. Besides having silky and healthier-looking hair, here are 5 things you must know about keratin treatments.

It Decreases Blow-Drying Time By Half 

Aside from reducing frizz tremendously, which is great for hot climates like in Singapore, a keratin treatment can decrease blow-drying time by more than half. It is also formaldehyde-free and allows you to customise to whatever hairstyle you desire. Be sure to apply sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, so your strands won’t get stripped off the keratin and ensure its frizz-free style effect lasts for a few months.

It Would Not Worsen Hair Loss or Thinning 

Keratin Treatment procedure doesn’t involve applying the concentrate on the scalp, only on the hair. With that, it would not aggravate hair loss or thinning. But why then do some people link hair loss and thinning to Keratin Treatment? It's because the treatment involves smoothening of the hair, making it less frizzy and curly. So, the speculations about keratin treatments causing hair loss is just a myth.

Its Effect Enhances With Regular Moisture Protection Hair Treatments 

To prolong the effect of Keratin Treatment, it’s best to opt for regular cuticle and moisture protection hair treatments. Such treatments also enhance the results of your next keratin hair treatment.  If this is not a viable option, you can go for a weekly home-based intensive hydrating hair care routine that helps enhance the protein and moisture levels of your hair. This promotes glossiness, softness, and smoothness. Furthermore, these treatments offer a lubricating and protective layer around the hair. As a result, this seals the benefits of the Keratin Treatment for an extended period. The permanent mechanical damage caused to our hair is also reduced, attributed to washing and friction.

It Comes in Different Types 

Keratin Treatments come in different types that have their strengths and weaknesses, tailored for different hair textures. Their effects last depending on hair texture and post Keratin Treatment care and maintenance. The effects gradually wear off with every wash or contact with water, lasting between 2 and 4 months, on average.

Cinderella Treatment: The No.1 Keratin Treatment from Korea

Cinderella Treatment is more than just a regular keratin treatment. It uses a mixture of onion and organic aloe vera, which has moisturizing properties and repairs the hair before infusing keratin into your locks. Since it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals like regular rebonding, it is suitable for bleached or damaged hair.

Cinderella treatment is perfect for:
1. Bleached and damaged hair
2. Frizzy and unmanageable hair
3. Wants a straightening effect that doesn’t use harsh chemicals

Its Effect Gets Ruined With The Wrong Hair Products 

Using the wrong hair products can gradually wear off the keratin treatment effect. Bear in mind that Keratin Treatments have their own line of hair products to complement each other. Use hair products with Glyoxylic Acid to prolong the treatment benefits back home. Sulphate-free hair products such as those labelled “natural”, “micellar” or “protein-rich” can cause their keratin-treated hair to be coarse, rough and dry, so avoid using such products.

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