Essential Hair Care Tips To Protect Your Hair From The Summer Sun

The sun can be really damaging especially during the summer! That is why many of us buy tons of our most trusted sunscreen to prevent our skin from aging faster and being damaged. 

But with all these extra measures we do to protect our skin, we forget that our hair is just as important, too! Exposing your hair from the sun can be very harmful as told by beauty salon experts. 

How important is it to protect your hair from the sun? 

Our skin and hair are pretty much the same. If it gets too much exposure from the sun’s UVA and UVB, it may cause serious damage to our hair, and that sounds awful! Don’t even start talking about summer where it is much hotter and the rays from the sun is way harsher. 

Having your hair hit direct sunlight for a very long period can cause serious dryness which can make our hair thin and brittle. It can also make your hair frizzy and have a lot of split ends! Sounds like a bad hair day, don’t you think?

How do I keep my hair from any sun damage?

Korean hair salons recommend a number of ways that can help you in protecting your hair from the harsh damage of the sun. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Take shade, cover that hair!

When taking a stroll outside, especially when the sun is scorching hot, the best tip is to cover your hair. Cover with anything that meets your fancy. Be it a scarf, a wide-brimmed hat or just putting out your trendy umbrella. If it is summer and you are out on the beach or simply taking a dip in chlorinated pools, it is optional, but highly encouraged to wear a swimming cap. 

Be careful of what you lather!

Your hair should not be taken for granted, that is why it is important to be very meticulous in choosing the products that you use for your hair. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing hair care products. You must consider the type of hair you have, including the hair walkcolor and the climate. Buying products with SPF that is made specially to shield your hair from the sun is also a must have!

It can be very hard to choose a hair product that will fit you well. When you catch yourself having a difficult time, you can always consult experts and go to the best Korean hair salon to have your hair checked. Hair salons in Singapore may also recommend nice products that will best fit your needs. You don’t just get to know the right hair care products to use, but you will also discover special hair treatments that you can avail to revive your dry and frizzy hair. 

Whatever season it is, your hair is one of your greatest accessories, so you must take extra care of it and don’t let it be damaged too much by the sun. Visit You Are My Sunshine Beauty Salon Singapore today and get that hair ready for the summer sun!