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Ivan - Senior Stylist

"Welcome to my Hair Amusement Park"

Over 15 years of experience as a hair stylist might seem a long time, but to Ivan, it's just the beginning. While his experience has given him the expertise to understand hair quality, leading to a much higher standard of service his skills go much further than this.

For Ivan, being a stylist is more about understanding the customer than it is about understanding hair, his goal is to always deliver styles that are able to accommodate the individual preferences that each client might have. From personal dressing styles to individual make-up styles, Ivan constantly works to reinterpret hairstyles for each unique customer so as to fit their unique desires.

The desire to give each customer a delightful experience leaving them feeling beautiful inside and out is the driver that gets Ivan out of bed every morning. The styles he produces can range from the understatedness of his personality to the edginess of his personal dressing style.

AirTouch & Bleaching, Creative Colour, Haircut and Perm



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Ivan is dedicated to giving his clients the best experience with his service and to walk out with great hair that will bring out a customer's personality and style.


(Any Hair Length)

U.P.: $450

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add-on: Any full course Treatment (40%)

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A promise from us that should our services fall short of your expectations,
you may come back for a touch-up at no extra cost at all.

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